Tunes performed by Saba Tooth

There are also 4 tunes produced by Saba Tooth.
Artists Title Year Bosstune Riddim Producers Label
Saba Tooth Jump Around 1990 Action Bunny Gemini Madhouse
Saba Tooth Big Talk And Promise 1992 Punanny John John
Saba Tooth Good Hood 1992 Punanny Stone Love
Saba Tooth Girls Dem A Cruise 1993 Top Ten Bobby Digital New Sound
Saba Tooth Want The Hood 1993 Top Ten Bobby Digital Digital-B
Saba Tooth Bed Room Bull 1994 Soap Sud Phillip Linton Arrows
Saba Tooth Dappa 1994 Sleng Teng John John John John
Saba Tooth Warp Dem Girls 1994 Darker Shade Of Black King Jammy Jammy's
Saba Tooth Gal Said So 1995 Valley Of Death Rodney Price Priceless
Saba Tooth Girls Dem Calling 1995 Tour Stuart Brown African Star
Saba Tooth Herb A Fi Bun 1995 African Beat Paul Love Time One
Saba Tooth Mock You Mate 1995 Slingshot (1) Phillip Linton Arrows
Saba Tooth Ready For The Kill 1995 Living Dangerously Paul Love Time One
Ghost & Saba Tooth Progress 1996 Fed Up Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare & Gitsy Willis Taxi
Anthony Malvo & Saba Tooth Don't Play Me 1997 Money Cologne Anthony Cameron Raggedy Joe
Saba Tooth 2 Hours Or More 1997 Bomb Rush (1) Scare Dem Crew Scare Dem
Saba Tooth Cane Man Bill 1997 Guerilla Warfare
Ghost & Saba Tooth Buffulous 1998 Sniper Steely & Clevie Studio 2000
Saba Tooth Flabbergastic 1998 Hot Lava King Jammy Jammy's
Saba Tooth & Stevie Face Personal 1998 Thumbs Up Vasco Carney Vasco
Saba Tooth False Pretender 1999 Bellyas Ward 21 Mentally Disturbed
Saba Tooth Subway Train 1999 Lock The City Kennedy
Saba Tooth Sunshine 1999 Def Hies Mark Myrie Gargamel
Saba Tooth 2000 Beats 2000 Boasy Gal Steven Ventura Kings Of Kings
Saba Tooth Gal Calculator 2000 Bedroom Preston Onfroy In Time
Saba Tooth Survival 2000 Speed (1) Barry O'Hare & Mighty Mike X-Rated
Capleton & Saba Tooth Light A Fire 2001 2007 Prosperity
Saba Tooth Can't Do Wi Dat 2001 My Best Girl Stone Cold
Saba Tooth Deliver Me 2001 Lessons / Jah Live On Ruff Cutt Ruff Cutt Music
Saba Tooth Love Reaction 2001 Ten To One Barry O'Hare & Ian Coleman Runn
Saba Tooth Never Break Your Heart 2001 Get A Lick / Dance Maurice Johnson Black Scorpio
Saba Tooth Never Talk Buss 2001 Drop Top Richie B Energy
Saba Tooth Rasta Time 2001 Trod On Colin Levy Kings Of Kings
Saba Tooth Time Fi Mek It 2001 Body Snatcher Preston Onfroy In Time
Saba Tooth Unanimous Decision 2001 Rice And Peas Rohan Fuller Natural Bridge
Saba Tooth Victory 2001 2007 Prosperity
Saba Tooth & Ce'Cile Diamond 2001 Fat Nash John John
Saba Tooth & Princess Natural Loving To Remember 2001 Earth (1) Devon Star & K.D. Cleghorn Crown Star
Saba Tooth Igiziabeher 2003 Earth (2) Black Survivor
Saba Tooth Number One 2003 Stranger Richard Ellis Kic' For Kic'
Saba Tooth Touch Down 2004 Balda Balda Musically Clined
Tasha T & Saba Tooth Let Us Strive 2005 Oh No Michigan Total Satisfaction
Saba Tooth Ganja Man Stalag Bobby Konders Massive B
Saba Tooth Murdering Sound Hot Milk Sugar Minott Youth Promotion
Barrington Levy & Saba Tooth Nah Settle Down Nah Settle Down Junior Reid J.R.
Saba Tooth From The Day Run Run / Kolo Ko Rodney Price Priceless
Saba Tooth Jah Is The Ultimate Stop That Train Raggedy Joe
Saba Tooth Progressivness Pressure And Slide Barry O'Hare & Mighty Mike