Artists Title Year isOriginalTune Riddim Producers Label
Mr. Phang Supt'm Mussy Wrong 1998 Antidote Patrick Roberts Rude Boy
Mr. Phang If You Hot 1999 Champagne (2) Patrick Roberts Shocking Vibes
Mr. Phang Mental Slavery 2000 Joker Patrick Roberts Shocking Vibes
Danny English, Mr. Phang & Prince Peg War Dem Start 2001 Tip Toe
Mr. Phang Wine If Yuh Hot 2001 The Gum / Gumm Owen Rennalls Vibes Corner
Patchy & Mr. Phang Crosses 2001 Pressure Cooker Eric Delisser Big Jeans
Prince Gregg & Mr. Phang Gangster Way 2001 Extasy Patrick Roberts Shocking Vibes
Shad Du & Mr. Phang Working 2001 Zip It Up Patrick Roberts Shocking Vibes
Danny English & Mr. Phang Keep On Moving 2002 Live Wire (1) The Firehouse Crew Firehouse Crew
Mr. Phang Gangster 2002 Time Bomb (2) John John John John
Mr. Phang I Am A Jamaican 2002 President Oral Desulme & Rohan Desulme Desulme
Mr. Phang Is My Name 2002 48 Bus Route Patrick Roberts Shocking Vibes
Mr. Phang, Danny English & Tuffy Melody Hot Girl 2002 X5 Peter Jackson Rattler
Mr. Phang & Tuffy Melody Ready To Party 2002 Anti-Badness Vasco Carney V1
Bling Dawg & Mr. Phang Girls Like We 2003 Trafalga Peter Jackson Rattler
Danny English, Egg Nogg & Mr. Phang Party People 2003 Mudslide Christopher Clarke Golden Cartel
Danny English & Mr. Phang Real Bad Man 2003 May Day Fire Links Fire Links
Danny English, Mr. Phang & Naptali Not Mine Anymore 2003 Makka Tree Pure People Pure Music
Danny English, Mr. Phang & Tuffy Shake Your Body 2003 Nimble Roy Mayne Alexander Sajay
Danny English, Mr. Phang & Tuffy Melody In Da Clubs 2003 3rd Degree Sam Diggy & Bishop Mark Of The West
Mr. Phang Gal Alphabet 2003 Chrome Michael Sterling South Block
Mr. Phang Hit Them In Style 2003 Jumbie Frenchie Maximum Sound
Mr. Phang Jamaica My Land 2003 Caribbean Style Richie Stephens Pot Of Gold
Mr. Phang The Music 2003 Katash Clifford Smith Twingy Twanga
Tuffy Melody & Mr. Phang Lady 2003 H2O
Tuffy Melody & Mr. Phang Love 2003 Jamaican Savage
Bling Dawg & Mr. Phang Do You Ting 2004 Sim Card Sam Sam
Danny English & Mr. Phang Comprehending 2004 Cool Fusion Donovan Bennett & Kirk Ford Vendetta
Danny English & Mr. Phang Real Bad Man 2004 Sleng Teng / Killing Ting Michael Davey & Noel Davey Powerstone
Mr. Phang Whop Gal Hard 2004 The Edge Dr. G. McDonald & Dr. P. Duke Doc
Danny English & Mr. Phang We Work Gyal 2005 Applause Rohan Fuller Jah Snowcone
Danny English & Mr. Phang Candy Shop 2006 Holiday (1) Lenny Hype P & L
  • Name
    Mr. Phang
  • Real name
    Garth Lindo
  • Born
      Jamaica, Kingston