Tunes performed by Scotty

Artists Title Year Riddim Producers Label
Scotty Before I Let You Go Anything For You Penthouse
Scotty Bless You Far East Blackbeard Mr. Tipsy
Scotty Children Children 1971 Tonight (1) Derrick Harriott Move & Groove
Scotty Clean Race Psychedelic Train Derrick Harriott
Scotty Draw Your Brakes 1972 Stop That Train Derrick Harriott
Scotty Foundation 2000 Soul Rebel R.P.P.
Scotty Get Throw Down Rougher Yet Bobby Digital Digital-B
Scotty I Count The Skank I Count The Tears Geoffrey Chung
Scotty I Worry 1968 Do I Worry Derrick Harriott Island
Scotty Kill A Sound Boy (1) 1990 Sleng Teng Lloyd Dennis Pickout
Scotty Kill A Sound Boy (2) 1992 Sleng Teng
Scotty My My My 1991 Mud Up (1) / Workie Workie (1) Donovan Germain & Dave Kelly Penthouse
Scotty No Test We (Jammys Dubplate) 1993 Rougher Yet King Jammy Jammy's
Scotty Penny For Your Song 1976 Penny For Your Song Derrick Harriott
Scotty Penny For Your Song 2002 Engine 54 Lloyd Campbell Joe Frasier
Scotty Pick It Up African Beat Gold Disc
Scotty Player 1998 Bonanza Lloyd Campbell, Michelle Campbell, Tinga Stewart & Ardene Campbell
Scotty Riddle I This Solomon Derrick Harriott Crystal
Scotty Salvation Train 1973 Save The People Lloyd Charmers
Scotty Sesame Street Loser Derrick Harriott
Scotty Shining Star 1989 Taxi Donovan Germain Penthouse
Scotty Sing Along Long Story Derrick Harriott
Scotty Walk The Streets At Night 1989 Pon Me Nozzle Donovan Germain Penthouse
Scotty Wire Fence 1999 Strange Things Michelle Downer
Scotty Wire Waist Miss Wire Waist Mr. Tipsy
Scotty & Chaka Demus Tonight Tonight (1) Famous
Scotty & Johnny P Send Me The Pillow (Roses Are Red) African Beat Gold Disc
Scotty & Lorna Bennett Skank In Bed Breakfast In Bed Geoffrey Chung
Tinga Stewart & Scotty Rude Boy 1999 Fisherman Lloyd Campbell Joe Frasier