Tunes performed by Glen Ricks

Artists Title Year Bosstune Riddim Producers Label
Glen Ricks & Wyngie Medley 1990 Action Bunny Gemini Madhouse
Glen Ricks I Am So Proud 1991 Without Love Lloyd Dennis Pickout
Glen Ricks Sitting In The Back Seat 1991 Moving Away Bobby Digital Digital-B
Glen Ricks Closer Together 1992 Heptones Gonna Fight Peter Chemist & Bobby Digital
Glen Ricks Falling In Love 1992 Won't You Come Home Bobby Digital Digital-B
Glen Ricks Give Love 1992 Gangster Captain Sinbad Sinbad
Glen Ricks Heart Breaker 1992 College Rock Bobby Digital Digital-B
Glen Ricks I Love You 1992 Shank I Sheck
Glen Ricks Still On Top Of The World 1992 Truly King Jammy Jammy's
Glen Ricks Think That Love Was In Your Heart 1992 Three Blind Mice Bobby Digital Digital-B
Glen Ricks For All We Know 1993 Satta Massagana Lloyd Dennis
Glen Ricks President Of Love 1993 Get In The Groove Lloyd Dennis
Junior Byles & Glen Ricks I And I 1999 Work For The King S. Merritt Tripple R
Glen Ricks Love From The Heart 2001 Trod'n To Zion Michael Johnson & Ian Williams Lion Paw
Glen Ricks Name Of The Father 2009 Tonight (1) Heartical
Glen Ricks & Kojak Blowing In The Wind 2019 Ballistic Affair Heartical
Glen Ricks Baby I'm For Real Rockfort Rock Taxi
Glen Ricks How Can I Forget Promised Land Phillip Burrell Xterminator