Tunes performed by Tiger

There are also 3 tunes produced by Tiger.
Artists Title Year Bosstune Riddim Producers Label
Tiger Don't Be Greedy 1986 African Beat Tiger Tiger
Tiger Holding My Decision 1986 Far East
Tiger No Wanga Gut 1986 African Beat Tiger Tiger
Tinga Stewart & Tiger Upon The Roof 1986 Upon The Roof George Phang Powerhouse
Tiger Can't Tan Ya So 1987 Far East Harry J Harry J
Tiger Lyrics For Your Money 1987 Heavenless Bobby Digital & Lester Sterling Kangal
Tiger Me Name Tiger 1987 Darker Shade Of Black
Tiger No Puppy Love 1987 Answer
Tiger Robot 1987 Sleng Teng / Computer Rule Harry J Sunset
Tiger Works 1987 News Flash Time
Tiger Bam Bam 1988 Kuff King Jammy Jammy's
Tiger Boombastic 1988 Who She Love King Jammy Jammy's
Tiger Carbon Copy 1988 Taxi Harold McLarty & Doctor Dread
Tiger Decent Man 1988 Kuff Harold McLarty & Doctor Dread
Tiger Presto 1988 Take It Easy Harold McLarty & Doctor Dread
Tiger Ram Dancehall 1988 Taxi Steely & Clevie Profile
Tiger Tiger Don 1988 Full Up Harold McLarty & Doctor Dread
JC Lodge & Tiger Love Me Baby 1989 General (1) Augustus Clarke Music Works
Tiger Jungle Move 1989 General (1) Steely & Clevie
Tiger Carbon Copy 1990 Punanny King Jammy Jammy's
Tiger Fire Me Bring 1990 Back To Africa King Jammy Rohit
Tiger Look Like Me 1990 Taxi / Fast Car Sly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespeare Taxi
Tiger & Anthony Malvo How You Do 1990 DJ Government Bobby Digital
Super Cat & Tiger A Wha Do Dem So 1991 Ghetto Red Hot Super Cat Wild Apache
Tiger Born Lover Man 1991 A Love I Can Feel King Jammy Jammy's
Tiger Dress Back 1991 Mud Up (1) / Yush Donovan Germain & Dave Kelly Penthouse
Tiger Must Street 1991 Really Together Donovan Germain Penthouse
Tiger Beep Beep Move Over 1992 Bam Bam Tiger, Gitsy Willis & Sly Dunbar Hide & Seek
Tiger Divert 1992 ~Unknown (005) Fresh Bread
Tiger When 1992 Worm Steely & Clevie Steely & Clevie
Tiger When (Hip Hop Mix) 1992 Worm Steely & Clevie Steely & Clevie
Tiger Love Line 1996 Taxi Lloyd Campbell & Michelle Campbell
Tiger Cool Me Down Fatty Fatty Steely & Clevie Steely & Clevie
Tiger Don Is Don Bobby Babylon Burtland Dixon
Tiger Put It On Far East
Tiger Ready Fe De Don Sleng Teng Parish
Tiger Stop Chant Heavenless Father & Son
Tiger Talk Of The Town Darker Shade Of Black / Jah Send Mi Come Burtland Dixon
Tiger Whey You Saying Darker Shade Of Black Penthouse
Tiger Bad Talk Bye Bye Love (1) Winston Riley Techniques
Tiger Come Back To Me Come Back To Me
Tiger Crying Fool Feeling Soul Donovan Germain Penthouse
Tiger Dancehall Vibes Foxy's Move Augustus Clarke Music Works
Tiger Rough Rankin Tiger Drifter Donovan Germain Xterminator
Tiger Tom The Peeper Promised Land Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Tiger Touch Is A Move Drum Song Robert Livingston
Tiger Voice Out Skylarking King Jammy
Tiger Work Hard Duck King Jammy