Tunes performed by Daddy Rings

Artists Title Year Riddim Producers Label
Andy Livingston & Daddy Rings Youth Uprising 2007 No Foe Karl Morrison Black Dutch
Daddy Rings Anything For You 2004 Superior Ingo Rheinbay Pow Pow
Daddy Rings Good Love 1994 Gangster / Carnival King Jammy Kingston 11
Daddy Rings I See Dem Coming 2005 Top Flossing Richard Burgess Energy Beat
Daddy Rings Mad Mad World Sleng Teng
Daddy Rings Put Him On Pause 1996 Macarena Adrian Genus & Captain Barkey
Daddy Rings She's Got The Moves 1998 Miss Angela I & I
Daddy Rings The Wiff 2001 Shanty Town Ingo Rheinbay Pow Pow
Daddy Rings Weed Song 1999 Take Five (1) Carlton Livingston & Herbie Harris Fan Club
Gentleman & Daddy Rings River Jordan 2002 Live On Jack Scorpio Black Scorpio
Mighty Tolga, Gentleman & Daddy Rings Arena 2000 Arena Germaican
Ras Shiloh & Daddy Rings Ghetto Youth Rise 2007 Lecturer Crown