Tunes performed by Daddy Rings

Artists Title Year Bosstune Riddim Producers Label
Boom Dandimite & Daddy Rings How Yu Body Look So 1993 Boy Nuh Run King Jammy Father & Son
Daddy Rings Good Love 1994 Gangster / Carnival King Jammy Kingston 11
Daddy Rings Young And Restless 1994 Duck Dance King Jammy Kingston 11
Daddy Rings Put Him On Pause 1996 Macarena Adrian Genus & Captain Barkey Worm Dem
Daddy Rings She's Got The Moves 1998 Miss Angela Steve Ibanez & Triston Palmer I & I
Daddy Rings Big Up All The Hustlers 1999 Brainwash Devon Star Crown Star
Daddy Rings Fraid A Wi 1999 Kick Up 1st Foundation Crew 1st Foundation
Daddy Rings Trad Pan The Right Way 1999 African Beat Madstorm
Daddy Rings Weed Song 1999 Take Five (1) Carlton Livingston & Herbie Harris Fan Club
Mighty Tolga, Gentleman & Daddy Rings Arena 2000 Arena (2) Germaican
Daddy Rings The Wiff 2001 Shanty Town Ingo Rheinbay Pow Pow
Daddy Rings Call Me On The Telephone 2002 Celebrate Ingo Rheinbay Pow Pow
Gentleman & Daddy Rings River Jordan 2002 Live On Jack Scorpio Black Scorpio
Daddy Rings Anything For You 2004 Superior Ingo Rheinbay Pow Pow
Paul Elliott & Daddy Rings Self Reliance 2004 Security Anthony Senior & Boris Silvera Altafaan
Daddy Rings I See Dem Coming 2005 Top Flossing Richard Burgess Energy
Daddy Rings Yeah He 2005 Green Valley Steven Stanley & Paul Daley Steven Stanley
Ras Shiloh & Daddy Rings Ghetto Youth Rise 2006 First Sight Ingo Rheinbay Pow Pow
Andy Livingston & Daddy Rings Youth Uprising 2007 No Foe Karl Morrison Black Dutch
Mark Wonder & Daddy Rings Thank You Jah 2007 Senior Altafaan
Ras Shiloh & Daddy Rings Ghetto Youth Rise 2007 Lecturer Bootleg Crown
Daddy Rings Untouchable 2016 Duck Dance Kingstone
Daddy Rings Mad Mad World Sleng Teng