Artists Title Year isOriginalTune Riddim Producers Label
Beres Hammond & Ginjah Rise Above 2001 Rise Above Beres Hammond Harmony House
Ginjah War Inna Di City 2001 Get In The Groove / Ain't It Good To Know Beres Hammond Harmony House
Ginjah Responsibility 2002 Mean Girl Beres Hammond Harmony House
Ginjah Songs Of Melody 2002 Forever Oliver Schrader & David Meyer Silly Walks
Anthony Red Rose & Ginjah Live It Up 2003 Your Love (1) / Captivity Lynford Marshall, Bulby York & Karl Toppin Fat Eyes
Ginjah Ginger Stick 2003 24/7 Kevy Kev
Ginjah Do it To Me 2004 Mamacita Chris Allman Waist Line
Ginjah Love And Unity 2004 Wild Fire Matt Downs Lionvibes
Ginjah Menners 2004 Hardtimes Stephen Gibbs & Errol Thompson Gibbo
Ginjah Walking Store 2004 Livity Kirkledove Kirkledove
Ginjah Damn Girl 2005 Real Rock Maurice Johnson Black Scorpio
Ginjah Go The Way 2005 State Of Emergency Stephen Gibbs Gibbo
Ginjah Just For Two 2005 Critical DJ Karim Stainless
Ginjah Long Life And Prosperity 2005 Haffi Get A Beaten / Beaten Rocky Gibbs Rocky Gibbs
Ginjah Missa Man Deh 2005 Talk About It Jah Mike Reggae Vibes
Ginjah This Inspiration 2005 Turmoil Delmar Drummond Danger Zone
Ginjah Woman 2005 Rasta Revolution (2) Anthony Gordon King Judah
Ginjah Be Strong 2006 Let Go Teka Rootdown
Ginjah Fire Burning 2006 First Sight Ingo Rheinbay Pow Pow
Ginjah Give Joy 2006 True Crisis Michael Coburn Reggae Vibes
Ginjah Hand From Yu Jaw 2006 Labalaba Rudolph Morrison High Fence
Ginjah Holding Firm 2006 Holding Rohan Fuller Jah Snowcone
Ginjah Know That You Need Love 2006 Endless House O' Love
Ginjah My Black Queen 2006 Black Cinderella Maurice Johnson Black Scorpio
Ginjah The Thief Says 2006 Wash Belly Stephen Gibbs Gibbo
Capleton & Ginjah Bun Dem 2007 Old Pirate Harvel Hart Annex
Ginjah Bright Smile 2007 Gangstalaw IM Music
Ginjah Burn Babylon 2007 Pay Back Cordel Burrell Danger Zone
Ginjah Fighting For Power 2007 Overstand Ingo Rheinbay Pow Pow
Ginjah Just Caan Go Round It 2007 Bay Rock Bay Rock
Ginjah Love First 2007 Jam Down (2) Delmar Drummond Danger Zone
Ginjah Manipulating People 2007 Stars (2) House Of Congress
Ginjah Music 2007 Declaration Of Rights Leon Smillie Total Satisfaction
Ginjah Rainbow Eyes 2007 Old Pirate Harvel Hart Annex
Ginjah Revelation 2007 Kool Runnings Supa Hype Hyper-Active
Ginjah Give Thanks 2008 Back To Mount Zion McPullish Charlie's
Ginjah Happy Years 2008 Country Living Gabriel Calcott Reality Chant
Ginjah Jah Kingdom Come 2008 Adam And Eve Mario Campbell 3.5.7
Ginjah Life 2008 Tropical Paradise Supa Hype Hyper-Active
Ginjah Love Music 2008 General Key Oneness Records
Ginjah Never Lost My Way 2008 Rub-A-Dub Kemar McGregor No Doubt
Ginjah Positive Words 2008 Genesis (2) Donville Davis Cousins
Ginjah Lots To Feed 2009 After Effection Young Veterans
Ginjah Prayer 2009 Sweet Kemar McGregor No Doubt
Ginjah Stay Sweet 2009 Obama Errol Graham Hard Drive Productions
Ginjah Talk Dem A Talk 2009 Respond Ingo Rheinbay Pow Pow
Ginjah Want More 2009 Bed's Too Big Alberto Blackwood Slam
Ginjah Where Is It 2009 Rock Steady (3) Kemar McGregor No Doubt
Ginjah Guilty Conscience 2010 Relationships Arif Cooper Fresh Ear
Ginjah Love for You Girl 2010 Drop It (1) / Drop It Acoustic Kemar McGregor No Doubt
Ginjah Serpent 2010 Everlasting (2) Ingo Rheinbay Pow Pow
Ginjah If You Don't Know Me 2013 Reggae Rebirth Cally B Small Axe Entertainment
Ginjah Sunshine 2013 Mendocino Survivor Slim RSQTHP
Ginjah She Got My Heart 2014 Happy Boulevard Sean Reid Seanizzle
Ginjah & Anthony Red Rose Wire Waistline 2014 Lovers Race Bulby York Fat Eyes
Ginjah Love You Mama 2015 Subway Quick Mixx Quick Mixx
Ginjah Blush 2017 Reggae Fest DJ Frass DJ Frass
Ginjah Times Are Hard 2017 Satta Massagana / Satta Rebirth Mr. G
Ginjah Trouble In Paradise 2018 In My Brain Norman Bryan Kickin
Ginjah Mama 2020 World Rocking Sweet Music
Ginjah Trouble Away 2020 One Word Stingray
Ginjah & Loyal Flames Poison World 2020 Jamaica Rock Frenchie Maximum Sound
Ginjah People Talk 2021 The Healer Frenchie Maximum Sound
Ginjah Selfish 2022 Love And Love Alone Frenchie Maximum Sound
Ginjah I Found Love 2023 Souled Out Perfect Giddimani Giddimani
  • Name
  • Real name
    Nakrumah Valentine Fraser
  • Also known as
  • Born
      Jamaica, Hanover