Tunes performed by Warrior King

Artists Title Year Bosstune Riddim Producers Label
Warrior King Negative Vibe 2001 Narcotic Jazzwad
Warrior King Never Go Where Pagans Go 2001 Tune In Sheldon Stewart Cali Bud
Warrior King Virtuous Woman 2001 Zion Gate (2) Michael Johnson & Ian Williams Lion Paw
Warrior King Virtuous Woman 2001 Trod'n To Zion Michael Johnson & Ian Williams Lion Paw
Warrior King Jah Is Always There 2002 Escape (2) Richard Brown Isle Of Springs
Warrior King Strong Black Woman 2002 Ballistic Affair Anthony Malvo, Garth Neufville & Richard Malvo Real Music
Warrior King Friend Indeed 2003 Zulu Chant
Warrior King Love For The People 2003 Better Days (1) 5th Element Family 5th Element
Warrior King Precious Precious 2003 Silent River (2) Dwight Heslop Voice Stream
Warrior King Rock To The Riddim 2003 Sara Marcello Small Baby Father
Warrior King Can't Get Me Down 2004 Clockwise Bobby Digital Digital-B
Warrior King Good People 2004 Music Man Patrick Roberts Shocking Vibes
Warrior King Life 2004 Teardrops Cash Flow
Warrior King Love Is All I Know 2004 Punanny Goofy Young Blood
Warrior King Love Jah More 2004 Forever Loving Jah Bobby Digital Digital-B
Warrior King My Life 2004 Nine Eleven Michael Johnson Lion Paw
Warrior King Where Is The Love 2004 Soul Food Chad Simpson Young Blood
Warrior King Why 2004 Botzwana Junior Reid JR
Warrior King You Say You Love Me 2004 Bush Fire Trevor Bonnick All Access
Warrior King Firm Faith 2005 Mad Mad / Dutty Rub The Firehouse Crew Down Sound
Warrior King I Will Sing 2005 Smarties Richard Bramwell Bread Back
Warrior King King 2005 Lecturer
Warrior King My Life 2005 Lion Paw Michael Johnson Lion Paw
Warrior King My Miss World 2005 Black Shade Patrick Henry, Corey Williamson & Ronald Wright Loyal Soldiers
Warrior King Crazy People 2006 Break Time Hopeton Hibbert Road Dog
Warrior King Cumley 2006 Bed Rock Preston Onfroy In Time
Warrior King Don't Go 2006 Medallion Richard Mahabeer Main Frame
Warrior King It's Been A Long Time 2007 Stop The Fighting (2) Donovan Germain Penthouse
Warrior King Love And Love 2007 Eighty Three Kemar McGregor No Doubt
Warrior King Oh What A Feeling 2007 Ashanti Warrior Frenchie Maximum Sound
Warrior King On My Knees I Pray 2008 Dirty Heart Everton Burrell Buggie
Warrior King Spread Some Love Today 2008 Red Alert (3) Rastar
Warrior King Girl I Love You 2009 Chaka Vibes John Taylor Bright Star
Warrior King President Yahya Jammeh 2016 Palestine James Lord Irie Sounds