Tunes performed by Bugle

Artists Title Year Bosstune Riddim Producers Label
Bugle She Got Hot Now 2000 Crab Slaw Mad Doc
Bugle Genuine 2002 48 Bus Route Patrick Roberts Shocking Vibes
Bugle & Shad Du Bed Argument 2003 3000 Remix Patrick Roberts Shocking Vibes
Bugle & Tornado Soldering 2003 Tunda Klap Christopher Birch & Delano Thomas Renaissance
Bugle & Tornado Ackee Tree 2004 Tighty Tighty Donovan Bennett Don Corleon
Bugle & Tornado Ladies Man 2004 Stepz Delano Thomas, Michael Jarrett & Andre Saunders Renaissance
Tornado & Bugle Jamaica 2004 20 Dollar A Bunch Damani Thompson Stainless
Tornado & Bugle Nobody Likes Us 2004 Slow Bounce Michael Brissett H2O
Tornado & Bugle Real Badman 2004 Anger Management Craig Marsh Daseca
Bugle Hotta Than Di Microwave 2005 Sim Card Sam Sam
Tornado & Bugle Modeller 2005 Ice Breaka Delano Thomas, Michael Jarrett & Andre Saunders Renaissance
Tornado & Bugle Sen Gal Come 2005 Counterfeit Andrew Bradford Opera House
Bugle Bad Man From When 2006 Sidewalk University Jammy James Jam II
Bugle Can't Confront We 2006 Virus (2) Sean Scott S.S.M.G.
Bugle Can't Trick We 2006 Nookie John John Awful
Bugle Dead By Gun 2006 Lucky Coin Wayne Passley Dimmie Joe
Bugle That Wine 2006 Flamenco Michael Jarrett Chalwa
Bugle That's Nothing 2006 Power Cut Stephen McGregor Big Ship
Bugle Trying 2006 Essence Iceberg Iceberg
Bugle Wine Gal 2006 Virus (2) Sean Scott S.S.M.G.
Munga & Bugle Legal Gun 2006 12 Gauge Michael Brissett H2O
Tornado & Bugle If I Said I Love You 2006 Rose Apple Kevin Blake Iceberg
Bugle Gimmi Di Nookie 2007 90's Style Baby G Baby G
Bugle Time Is The Master 2007 No Foe Karl Morrison Black Dutch
Bugle, Demarco & Timeless Power Cut 2007 Splash Out Jammy James Jam II
Teflon & Bugle Cleanest Bono 2007 Principle (2) Yard A Love
Bugle Hypocrite 2008 Unfinished Business Linton White TJ
Bugle What A Way 2008 Martial Arts / Self Defense Cordel Burrell Kings Of Kings
Tarrus Riley & Bugle Nothing Change 2008 Chemistry Ronald Wright & Collin Edwards Tad's
Bugle Almighty Bless 2009 Silent River (3) Shane Brown Juke Boxx
Bugle Anything Goes 2009 European Swing Kurt Riley Techniques
Bugle Anything Goes 2009 Trippple Bounce Stephen McGregor Chrome
Bugle Hypocrite Friend 2009 The Beast Linton White TJ
Bugle Roots Of All Evil 2009 Honeycomb Austin Green PayDay
Bounty Killer, Bugle & Agent Sasco Ask Dem (Poor People Classical Anthem) 2010 Mad Collab ZJ Chrome Chrome
Bugle All Me A Pree 2010 World Premiere Jordan McClure & David Hayle Chimney
Bugle Dem Tek Wi Fo Joker 2010 State Of Urgency Austin Green PayDay
Bugle Don't Need Your Friendship 2010 D.N.A. Linton White TJ
Bugle Lord Ah Your Shepherd 2010 Street Team Fire Links Fire Links
Bugle Mirror 2010 Set Mi Free Ricardo Gardner Heart Of Love
Bugle Tell Them 2012 Buss Off Moonie
Bugle Choice Is Yours 2016 Palestine James Lord Irie Sounds
Bugle Me No Like it 2016 90's Don Dadda Sean Reid Seanizzle
Bugle Acceptance 2017 Satta Massagana / Satta Rebirth Mr. G