Artists Title Year isOriginalTune Riddim Producers Label
Quench Aid Beat Down The Fence 1989 Rockfort Rock / Rock Fifth Rock Steely & Clevie Steely & Clevie
Quench Aid Nah Fight Over Woman 1989 Turn On The Heat Phillip Burrell Sir Coxsone Blacker Dread
Quench Aid Beautiful Ladies 1992 Bigger Boss King Jammy Jammy's
Quench Aid Re-United 1992 Truly King Jammy Jammy's
Quench Aid Sally 1993 Pick Up The Pieces King Jammy
Quench Aid He Created Me 1994 Gangster / Carnival King Jammy Kingston 11
Quench Aid Lid Di Dim 1996 Hot Water (2) Eric Burrell Rockers World
Quench Aid Quench Style 1996 Mike Tyson Saki & Jap Jam Crew Jap Jam
Quench Aid Sunshine Lady 1996 Twister David Taylor Star Gate
Quench Aid Send Her 1998 Outa Space Outlaw Candy Must Bust
Quench Aid Time After Time 1998 Scull Wayne Lonesome Run Things
Quench Aid Sunshine Lady 1999 Beat Up Wayne Lonesome Run Things
Quench Aid I've Never Seen This Before 2000 Shank I Sheck Shane Richards Shines
Quench Aid Kill Any Drum Pan 2000 Stalag Wayne Lonesome Run Things
Quench Aid Medley 2000 Head To Toe Sheldon Stewart Cali Bud
Quench Aid Tara 2000 Big, Bad & Bold Johnny Nice 2 Nice
Quench Aid Kill A Sound Tonight 2002 General (1) Byron Reid & The Sweet Beat Crew Sweet Beat
Quench Aid Broken Hearted 2003 Answer Unity & Love
Quench Aid Jah Love 2005 Mad Mad / Diseases Singing Prince Logon Street Vibes
Quench Aid My Sound Yu Rule 2005 Far East Dub Unit
Quench Aid Dis Garvey 2006 Rockfort Rock Steve Ibanez I & I
Quench Aid Sensimilla In The Morning 2008 Full Up / Kutchie Byron Reid Rockers Master
John Wayne & Quench Aid Don't Go Girls 2010 Everything Criss Bam Salute
Quench Aid Willow Tree 2010 Lightning Volt Run Things
Quench Aid I Am Missing You Shank I Sheck Natami
  • Name
    Quench Aid
  • Real name
    S. Holmes
  • Born