Tunes performed by M'Lonie

Artists Title Year Bosstune Riddim Producers Label
M'Lonie Love Me 2002 Glue Richard Browne B-Rich
Wayne Wade & M'Lonie I'll Be Lonely 2002 I'll Be Lonely Lloyd Campbell & Michelle Campbell Joe Frasier
M'Lonie We Can Do It 2003 Hammer Hi-Profile
M'Lonie You Didn't 2003 Fear Factor Richard Browne B-Rich
M'Lonie Eternal Flames 2004 Missing You (1) Hemo & Moofire Bacchanal
M'Lonie I Don't Know 2004 I Believe Richard Browne B-Rich
M'Lonie Sweet Hell 2004 Bwoila Room Juvenile & Niko Juvenile
M'Lonie & Moofire Smile On Your Face 2004 Missing You (1) Hemo & Moofire Bacchanal
M'Lonie Can Your Boys 2005 Bang Bang (2) Bobby Konders Massive B
M'Lonie Creepin' 2005 Bubble Up Lenky 40/40
M'Lonie Dirty Talk 2005 Rah Rah Bobby Konders Massive B
M'Lonie Don't U Know 2005 Heartless Vampires Richard Brown Isle Of Springs
M'Lonie Don't Wake Me 2005 Shamrock Raymond Ledgister Shoe Lane
M'Lonie Never Will I 2005 Boo Town Chabano Raggs
M'Lonie Wanna Get High 2005 World A Music / World Jam Captain Sinbad & Frenchie Bad 2000
M'Lonie You Got Me Baby 2005 Fowl Fight Frenchie & Richard Browne Maximum Sound
M'Lonie Call Me 2006 Confessions (1) Shane Brown Juke Boxx
M'Lonie Do You Wanna 2006 Baddis / Baddis Ting Richard Browne B-Rich
M'Lonie I Can Do Better 2006 High Grade (3) Richard Browne B-Rich
M'Lonie Lately 2006 Black Rain (2) Bay-C Bomrush
M'Lonie Watching You 2006 Bill Back Linton White TJ
M'Lonie Where Were You 2006 Rainy Day Richard Browne B-Rich
M'Lonie & Bay-C Wine On You 2006 Murda Hemo & Moofire Escape 2 Dancehall
M'Lonie Money Boy 2007 Mud Up (1) / Workie Workie Chad Simpson Young Blood
M'Lonie & Lukie D No Air 2009 No Air Pull Up My Selecta!