Artists Title Year isOriginalTune Riddim Producers Label
Sly Dunbar & Lenky Ready Or Not Version 1996 Brass Gates Patrick Roberts Vibes House
Sly & Lenky Ill Na Na 1997 Ill Na Na Aiden Jones East Coast
Sly, Robbie & Lenky Pink Panther Bashment 1997 Pink Panther Bashment Ralston Barrett Irie Negril
Sly Dunbar & Lenky Storm Rhythm 1998 Storm (2) RC-One
Sly & Lenky Lock The City Version 1998 Lock The City Sean Morris Marvelus
Lenky Y2K 1999 Things And Time Donovan Germain Penthouse
Lenky Version 2001 Hollow Point 2.5 Lenky Mastermind
Lenky Diwali Rhythm 2002 Diwali Lenky 40/40
Lenky Masterpiece 2.5 2002 Masterpiece Lenky 40/40
Lenky XM24 2002 Diwali Lenky 40/40
Christopher Birch & Lenky Silicone 2004 Silicone Roy Francis Mixing Lab
Lenky Dreamweaver Version 2004 Dreamweaver Lenky 40/40
Lenky Ruff & Sweet 2005 Bubble Up Lenky 40/40
Sly, Robbie, Lenky & The Taxi Gang Dirty Taxi 2009 Dirty Taxi Sly & Robbie Taxi