Artists Title Year isOriginalTune Riddim Producers Label
Hopeton Lindo Nuh Mash Up Yourself 1987 Heavenless Parish
Hopeton Lindo Territory 1987 Territory Hopeton Lindo Artiste Corner
Hopeton Lindo Lonely Night 1988 Rumours Augustus Clarke Music Works
Hopeton Lindo Strangers In Paradise 1989 ~Unknown (214) Michael Bennett, Patrick Lindsay & Miles Mussenden Two Friends
Hopeton Lindo Gun Ting 1991 Sleng Teng / Ting & Ting Michael Bennett & Patrick Lindsay Two Friends
Hopeton Lindo If You Think I Wouldnt 1991 A Different Business Willie Lindo Heavy Beat
Hopeton Lindo Street Wise 1991 Original Mission Edgar Whyte Parish
Hopeton Lindo The Word 1991 One Man One Vote Two Friends Crew Two Friends
Hopeton Lindo Silent Consent 1993 Hypocrites / Silent Consent Willie Lindo Heavy Beat
Hopeton Lindo Hard Working People 1995 Things A Come Up To Bump / I.C.I. The Cell Block Crew Cell Block 321
Hopeton Lindo Thank You 1995 Rampage The Cell Block Crew Cell Block 321
Hopeton Lindo Undertaker 1996 Your Love (2) Syl Gordon & Mark Myrie CB 321
Hopeton Lindo Stronger Than Before 1997 Can I Change My Mind / Never Before Syl Gordon 321 Strong
Hopeton Lindo & Lady Saw Mr. Politician 1997 Mr. Politician Syl Gordon 321 Strong
Anthony B & Hopeton Lindo Killing Fields 2000 Killing Fields Cylton
Hopeton Lindo Your Tender Touch 2001 Bonzi Syl Gordon 321 Strong
Hopeton Lindo Don't Deny It 2003 High Praise Energy
Hopeton Lindo Make Time For Love 2003 I'm Still In Love With You Hopeton Lindo, Gregory Bailey & Syl Gordon Cellblock
Hopeton Lindo The Best 2004 Soul And Inspiration Lloyd Campbell Joe Frasier
Hopeton Lindo I'm So Proud Of You 2005 Breaking Up Is Hard To Do Jasfar
Hopeton Lindo For You 2006 Don't Bother Me / Fingerprint Lloyd Campbell & Michelle Campbell Joe Frasier
Hopeton Lindo Real Thing 2006 Hooligan Jason Sterling, Delroy Stansbury & Gregory Bailey Jasfar
Hopeton Lindo & Peter Gayle Stand Up For Love 2006 We Need Love Hopeton Lindo Irie Pen
Hopeton Lindo My Dreams 2017 Soprano (2) Train Line
Hopeton Lindo Feel Good 2021 Singers Anthem Anthony Cameron & Lawrence Gowdie Raggedy Joe
Hopeton Lindo Give Thanks 2021 Big Chune Perfect Giddimani Giddimani
Hopeton Lindo Recollection Rock ~Unknown (503) Mikey Dread Dread At The Controls
Hopeton Lindo Taking Over Party Time (1) Michael Bennett Two Friends
Hopeton Lindo Time Fi Unite Drum Song Richard Bell Star Trail
Hopeton Lindo & Honorable Apache The Remedy Pressure And Slide Willie Lindo
  • Name
    Hopeton Lindo
  • Real name
    Hopeton Lindo
  • Born
      Jamaica, Kingston, Kencot