Artists Title Year isOriginalTune Riddim Producers Label
Queen Omega Standing Firm 2000 Munsters / Blood A Run The Mad Doc Family Mad Doc
Queen Omega Fire 2001 Ladies Man KMC JW Productions
Queen Omega Serious Matter 2001 Voodoo KMC JW Productions
Queen Omega Hustle Up 2002 Columbus Ruff Cutt & Jazzwad Cave
Queen Omega I Believe In Love 2002 Raggamenta Rudolph Daley RD's
Queen Omega Rastafari Will Be There 2002 Silk Owen Rennalls Vibes Corner
Queen Omega No Retire 2003 Clean Vibes JP Greve & Pierre Bost Special Delivery
Queen Ifrica, Buju Banton & Queen Omega Perfect Combination 2004 We Are In The Mood Special Delivery
Queen Omega Big Up Papa 2004 Operation Radication / Dis Ya Time Special Delivery Special Delivery
Queen Omega He's The Light 2004 Cave In Oswald Hibbert Charm
Queen Omega Love 2004 Makatak Mark Smart Penitentiary
Queen Omega Serve The King 2004 Running Away Stingray
Queen Omega Joyful Moment 2005 Joyful Moment JP Greve & Bost Special Delivery
Queen Omega Up To You 2005 Ivan Brotherman Minor 7 Flat 5
Queen Omega Good Canabis 2006 Je T'aime Bost & Bim Special Delivery
Queen Omega Judgement 2006 Judgement Time Special Delivery Special Delivery
Queen Omega Shining Light 2007 Fade Away Sergio Marigomez & Iñaki Yarritu Heartical
Queen Omega & Gentleman Revolution 2007 Visions Special Delivery Special Delivery
Ras Mac Bean & Queen Omega No Time To Waste 2008 Music (2) Greatest Friends
Queen Omega Jah Dawta 2009 Soprano (1) The Bombist
Queen Omega Media's Corruption 2010 Blue Greatest Friends
Queen Omega We Can Do Better 2013 Weather Balloon Junior Powell Supatech
Queen Omega I Am Blessed 2014 Jah Warriah Zion I Kings Zion High
Queen Omega Champion 2020 Yin Yang PengCo Music PengCo Music
  • Name
    Queen Omega
  • Real name
    Jeneile Osborne
  • Born
      Trinidad and Tobago, Trinidad