Tunes performed by Alison Hinds

Artists Title Year Bosstune Riddim Producers Label
Alison Hinds Ready 1999 Pig Tail Ken Holder Chinese Laundry
Geoffrey Gordle, Alison Hinds, Peter Ram & K.B. Sharpe J'Ouvert 2000 Insomnia Peter Coppin MonstaPiece
Alison Hinds Dance And Show Me 2002 Frenemy Chris Allman Slam City
Alison Hinds & Tallpree Jab Jab Crew 2002 Trinidad
Elephant Man, Alison Hinds & Peter Ram Get Ready To Wine 2002 Courvoisier Peter Coppin & Terry Arthur Waist Line
Alison Hinds & Shaggy Can't Let My Luv Go 2009 Mash Up Christopher Birch Birchill