Artists Title Year Bosstune Riddim Producers Label
Bascom X & Gyptian Burn The Cannabis 2005 Revolution (1) / Intercom Fire Cracker
Gyptian Beautiful Lady 2005 We Must Rebel Ray Stephens Vertex
Gyptian Mama Don't Cry 2005 Triumphant Kemar McGregor No Doubt
Gyptian Pilgrimage 2005 Pilgrimage Robert Mais Nuff-A-Dat
Gyptian Serious Times 2005 Spiritual War Kenneth Wilson Frenz
Gyptian U Never Know 2005 I Hold The Handle Free Willy
Anthony Que & Gyptian Listen To The People 2006 Feeling Andre Lue Muzik House
Gyptian Aids 2006 Essence Iceberg Iceberg
Gyptian Around The World 2006 Key Kemar McGregor No Doubt
Gyptian Bad Mind 2006 Freedom (1) Troy Hinds Amplex
Gyptian Be Strong 2006 Bread Winner Fire Cracker
Gyptian Crying 2006 January Morning Neil Amos Free Willy
Gyptian Girl 2006 Foreign Love Rhythm Of Da Seasons
Gyptian High Everyday 2006 Endless House O' Love
Gyptian If U Really Love Me 2006 Street Swing Paul Crossdale In The Streetz
Gyptian Is There A Place 2006 Seasons Donovan Bennett Don Corleon
Gyptian Let Me Know 2006 The Million London Individuals
Gyptian Love Is The Only Solution 2006 More Life Douglas Ford Palm Of Gold
Gyptian My Fadda Say 2006 Foundation (2) Vernal Newman Real Lyfe
Gyptian Nobody Nuh Cry 2006 Hagnet Richie Stephens & Ricky Genius Vertex
Gyptian One And Only 2006 Grass Roots Rootical
Gyptian Pretty Darling 2006 Je T'aime Bost & Bim Special Delivery
Gyptian Rise And Live 2006 Good Over Evil (2) Frenchie Maximum Sound
Gyptian Stepping Higher 2006 Lovebird Professa Irie Vibration
Gyptian Stop The Fussing And Fighting 2006 Godfather (3) Michael Davis Pleasure Time
Gyptian Tell Me How 2006 Medallion Richard Mahabeer Main Frame
Gyptian & Gubu Chanting 2006 Chanting (2) Gubu & Alaine Reid Abba Movement
Gyptian African Prize 2007 Jook A Gal Jammy James Jam 2
Gyptian Every Man 2007 Pretty Looks / Eye Water C. Serre & Anthony Malvo New Brand
Gyptian Free 2007 Real Meditation Vernal Newman Real Lyfe
Gyptian Give Thanks 2007 Old Pirate Harvel Hart Annex
Gyptian Higher 2007 Billion London Individuals
Gyptian My Head 2007 Trumpet (2) Kemar McGregor No Doubt
Gyptian No More War 2007 Generation Vernal Newman Real Lyfe
Gyptian Pagan 2007 Roll On Noel Haughton Firm Grip
Gyptian This Is Love 2007 Rasta Kashia Downs Dollar
Gyptian Warn You 2007 Hardcore (1) Fractal
Gyptian Watch What You Doing 2007 Graduation In Zion Roberto Sánchez & Nano Bravo Lone Lions
Gyptian What Are We Fighting For 2007 Flute Flava McGregor No Doubt
Gyptian Why 2007 Africa (4) Raymond Cameron Feed The Children
Gyptian & Deva Bratt Gimme Little Loving 2007 Ghetto Biscuit Patrick Howell Black Pearl
Gyptian Anything For You 2008 O Nine Sounie
Gyptian Bingimans Pride 2008 Grow With Me Frederic Palzer & Marius Kuhn IM Music
Gyptian Bloody City 2008 Bloody City Jam 2
Gyptian Give Thanks & Praise 2008 Live Wire (3) Cordel Burrell Kings Of Kings
Gyptian Heather Come Home 2008 How Can I (2) Everton Burrell Buggie
Gyptian I Feel So Sad 2008 Silent Sky Blaqk Sheep Crew Loud Disturbance
Gyptian I Love You 2008 Karma Phillip Linton Arrows
Gyptian Keep Your Calm 2008 Drop It Kemar McGregor No Doubt
Gyptian Life Ain 2008 Genesis (2) Donville Davis Cousins
Gyptian More And More 2008 Magical
Gyptian On And On 2008 On And On Rebel Music
Gyptian On Har 2008 Gangsta Beat Project Austin Green PayDay
Gyptian One Girl Fi Me Anno Girl 2008 World Quake
Gyptian Ready For You 2008 Moheeto Jammy James Jam 2
Gyptian Struggler 2008 Hit Drop Irie Vibration
Gyptian This Love 2008 Show Love Itation
Gyptian Too Late 2008 Apologise
Gyptian Why 2008 Rain Drops (2) Martin Campbell Trinity 7
Gyptian You Can Get It 2008 Adam And Eve Mario Campbell 3.5.7
Sugar Roy, Conrad Crystal & Gyptian Jah Jah See Dem 2008 Heavy Rock Leroy Moore Fire Ball
Tina & Gyptian Weak In The Knees 2008 Drop It Kemar McGregor No Doubt
Gyptian Anything Can Happen 2009 Art Of War Ainsley Davis God Head
Gyptian Butterfly 2009 Good Love
Gyptian Hear Our Cry 2009 Revolution (4) 5th Element
Gyptian Hydro I Smoke 2009 Comfort Zone Pure Music
Gyptian Life Hard 2009 Coming In From The Cold John John John John
Gyptian Money Man 2009 Gold Mine (2) Mark Myrie Gargamel
Gyptian Never Give Up 2009 Stronga Live Up
Gyptian Progress 2009 Free Mind Stickle
Gyptian Solution 2009 Obama Errol Graham Hard Drive Productions
Gyptian Stomp It Hard 2009 The Healing Jermaine Johnson Yellow Leo
Gyptian True Confession 2009 Addiction (3) Flava Squad
Gyptian & Lexxus Put It On Me 2009 Money Pull Up M. Parkes Gold Spoon
Gyptian All I Wish Is Love 2010 Classic (2) Kemar McGregor No Doubt
Gyptian Cool Youths 2010 Sleng Teng / Tranquilizer Free Willy
Gyptian Hold You 2010 Hold You VP
Gyptian Revelations 2010 Ghetto (2) Kemar McGregor No Doubt
Gyptian Trodding On 2010 Journey (4) Jan Bigs Jan Bigs
Major Lazer & Gyptian Hold Yuh (Double Dubplate) 2010 Hold You Major Lazer Mad Decent
Polly Famous & Gyptian It's Amazing 2010 Protection Roots Survival
Gyptian All Over 2011 Overproof Justus Arison JA Productions
Gyptian Burn Dem 2011 Pinch Me Cashflow
Gyptian Let Me In 2011 Matrimoney Washroom
Gyptian Mr. Chief 2012 Priceless Signature Lena British & Jam 2 L. Brits
Gyptian Overtime 2012 Overtime Justus Arison JA Productions
Gyptian Skin To Skin 2012 RepJa RepJa
Gyptian & Camar What If 2012 Soul Acoustic Jammy James Jam 2
Gyptian & Barrington Levy Murderer 2013 Hot Milk Chris Chin, Jerry Duplessis & Neil Edwards VP
Gyptian If This Is Not Love 2014 Fret Board Donovan Germain Penthouse
Gyptian Prettiest Girl 2015 Subway Quick Mixx Quick Mixx
Gyptian Where Is Jah Love 2015 Subway Quick Mixx Quick Mixx
Elephant Man, Lady Saw, Gyptian, Red Rat, Ishawna & Tactikal Orgy Medley 2016 Orgy Jammy James Jam 2
Gyptian Bodies Calling 2016 Orgy Jammy James Jam 2
Gyptian Revolutionist 2017 Satta Massagana / Satta Rebirth Mr. G
Gyptian Mama I Love You 2018 Dilemma Keno 4Star
DJ Barkley & Gyptian The Best 2020 Solid Vibes DJ Barkley Barkley
Gyptian Finally 2020 Finally One:Time Music One:Time Music