Tunes performed by Spice

Artists Title Year Bosstune Riddim Producers Label
Spice Juck 2000 Clomp Witty Henry Witty
Spice Enough Is Enough 2001 Boom Blast Ainsworth Higgins & Lyndon Hull Footsteps
Spice Twingy 2001 Heavyweight Glenroy Donaldson Hot-A-Tac
Shabba Ranks & Spice From The Heart 2002 Belly Full Oxygen Explorer
Spice Caan Hold Yu Man 2003 Earth# Wind & Flames Rohan Fuller Jah Snowcone
Spice Complain 2003 Fiesta (2) / Pretty Pretty Dave Kelly Madhouse
Spice Ghetto Whine 2003 Callaloo Bed Bulby York & Lynford Marshall Fat Eyes
Spice Good Loving 2003 Escape (3) Hemo & Moofire Bacchanal
Spice Informer Phone 2003 Rain (1) Chester Walker Very Huge
Spice Mi Nuh Idiot 2003 Baba (1) Neil Amos Free Willy
Spice Share It 2003 Throw Back Howard Whylie & Ricky Myrie Draw Card
Spice Clap Yu Hand 2004 Silicone Roy Francis Mixing Lab
Spice Hyper 2004 Mad Gal Dave Kelly Madhouse
Spice Wifey 2004 First Class Derrol Frazer Common Sense
Spice & Toi Right There 2004 Mad Gal Dave Kelly Madhouse
Spice Fight Over Man 2005 Eighty Five Dave Kelly Madhouse
Spice Guilty As Charged 2005 Justice (2) Katrina Irons Yellow Moon
Spice Hotta 2005 Rush (2) John John & Marion Hall Diva's
Spice Grab Yu Hood 2006 Eighty Five Dave Kelly Madhouse
Spice & Pinchers Rude Boy Love 2006 Stage Show Dave Kelly Madhouse
Spice Some Gal 2007 The Mix John John John John
Spice Tek Set 2007 After Dark Katrina Irons Yellow Moon
Spice Walkie Talkie 2007 Big Up (3) John John John John
Spice Bed Tempo Bully 2008 Bad Tempo Escape 2 Dancehall
Spice From Yu Born 2008 Laba Laba Twelve 9
Spice Not My Fault 2008 Record Shop Jam II
Spice Daggering Time 2009 Disturba In Time
Spice Me Bless 2009 Outada Sean Reid Seanizzle
Spice Badmind 2011 Trouble Sum Black Love
Spice Brand New Page 2013 Tropical Connection Blaqk Sheep Crew Blaqk Sheep
Spice Born Wid it 2016 90's Don Dadda Sean Reid Seanizzle