Tunes performed by Danny Dread

There are also 1 tunes produced by Danny Dread.
Artists Title Year Bosstune Riddim Producers Label
Danny Dread Lemon Popcycle 1982 Shank I Sheck Brigadier Jerry Jwyanza
Danny Dread Spar With Us 1982 Boxing / Yo Yo Black Zodiac
Danny Dread Jah Jah 1986 Mr. Bassie Witty Witty
Danny Dread Heart Angel 1987 African Beat / Hell A Go Come Michael Ottey & Wayne Ottey Ottey's
Courtney Melody & Danny Dread Call Me 1988 Kuff / Call Me (2) Rockers Master
Danny Dread Gun Shot Fi Botha 1989 Taxi / Fast Car Steely & Clevie Steely & Clevie
Danny Dread Dem Bow 1990 Poco Man Jam / Dem Bow King Jammy Jammy's
Danny Dread Jah Yu Good 1996 Mike Tyson Jap Jam
Danny Dread Zeaching 1998 Success B.L.F.S.
Danny Dread On The Street Again Freedom Blues Devon D
Danny Dread One Day Natty Love Is Not A Gamble King Jammy Super Power
Danny Dread Reggae Music A Lemon Popcycle Shank I Sheck
Danny Dread TKO Hot Milk Sugar Minott Youth Promotion
Danny Dread Winter Stalag Neville Valentine Libra