Tunes on the Signet label

Artists Title Year Riddim Producers Label
Bajja Jedd Bed Work Sensation 1993 Oh Carolina Signet
Bajja Jedd Roots Rock Reggae Throw Me Corn Signet
Beres Hammond Sweetness My Conversation Signet
Beres Hammond & Josey Wales Free & Single My Conversation Signet
Daddy Sylva Goody Body Oh Carolina Signet
Daddy Sylva Holy Moly African Beat Signet
Daddy Sylva How Do You Do 1993 You Don't Care Signet
Jesse Jendau & Sir Raphael One Time Doctor Heptones Gonna Fight Signet
Josey Wales Gateman Mad Mad Signet
Nikey Fungus Zig Zag Stitch Oh Carolina Signet
Phillip Famous Respect John Public 1993 You Don't Care Signet
Rayvon Rivers Of Babylon Oh Carolina Signet
Screechy Dan Skin Out Could You Be Loved Signet
Shaggy All Virgins Mad Mad Signet
Shaggy & Rayvon Big Up 1992 Could You Be Loved Sting International Signet
Sir Raphael You Don't Care 1993 You Don't Care Signet
Terror Fabulous Wedding Ring Could You Be Loved Signet