Tunes performed by Wasp

Artists Title Year Bosstune Riddim Producers Label
Wasp Rappa 2002 Rain (2) Chester Walker Very Huge
Wasp & Da'Ville Originality 2002 Live Wire (1) The Firehouse Crew Firehouse Crew
Wasp Wasp A Buss De Place 2007 Timeline Black Chiney Crew Black Chiney
Wasp No Hold Back 2008 No Hold Back Donovan Bennett Don Corleon
Don Corleon & Wasp Deh Deh Wid 2009 Godfather (4) Donovan Bennett Don Corleon
Wasp Skip Dem Out 2010 Style & Swagga Damian Hall & Nigel Whitfield Dem Yute Deh
Wasp Warzone 2010 Euro Swagga Sebastian Heide SWS
Wasp Stay Far From The Evil Dem 2011 Fresh Medz Warriors Musik
Wasp Hot Like Fiya 2012 Overtime Justus Arison JA Productions