Tunes performed by Colourman

Artists Title Year Bosstune Riddim Producers Label
Colourman Plain Truth 1984 Why Oh Why I-Roy
Colourman Preach The Gospel 1985 Stalag Winston Riley Techniques
Colourman Darkness Cover The World 1986 Get A Lick Cashima Steele Creation
Colourman Wicked Dem Wicked 1986 Love Won't Come Easy / Soulful Music Cashima Steele Creation
Colourman & Jackie Knockshot Kick Up Rumpus 1986 Revolution (1) Cashima Steele Creation
Colourman Rebel Cricket Taxi / Unmetered Lloyd Campbell Spider Man
Colourman Reggae Warning Answer Star Creation
Colourman Missionary Bible Man Missionary Bible Man Clifton Carnegie Original Sounds
Colourman Shoot Out Prison Oval Rock Connection