Tunes performed by Colourman

Artists Title Year Bosstune Riddim Producers Label
Colourman Plain Truth 1984 Why Oh Why I-Roy
Colourman Preach The Gospel 1985 Stalag Winston Riley Techniques
Colourman Darkness Cover The World 1986 Get A Lick Cashima Steele Creation
Colourman Wicked Dem Wicked 1986 Love Won't Come Easy / Soulful Music Cashima Steele Creation
Colourman & Jackie Knockshot Kick Up Rumpus 1986 Revolution (1) Cashima Steele Creation
Colourman Rebel Cricket Taxi / Unmetered Lloyd Campbell Spider Man
Colourman Reggae Warning Answer Star Creation
Colourman Vengeance Sleng Teng G. White Sir Garfield
Colourman Missionary Bible Man Missionary Bible Man Clifton Carnegie Original Sounds
Colourman Shoot Out Prison Oval Rock Connection