Tunes performed by Rupee

Artists Title Year Bosstune Riddim Producers Label
Rupee Not Me 1999 Wrecker Peter Coppin Monsterpiece
Rupee Insomnia 2000 Insomnia Peter Coppin MonstaPiece
Rupee Frenemy 2002 Frenemy Chris Allman Slam City
Rupee Tempted To Touch 2002 The Grippa Darron Grant Waist Line
Rupee, Faithful & Agony She's A Winner 2002 Frontline (1) Chris Allman Slam City
Rupee Helpless 2003 Caught Up
Rupee Whining Time 2004 Ching Chong Troyton Black Shadow
Rupee God Needed An Angel 2008 Luv A Dub Salaam Remi Boomtunes
Rupee Not Giving Up 2009 Sugar Special Delivery Special Delivery