Tunes performed by Super Morris

Artists Title Year Bosstune Riddim Producers Label
Super Morris One Stop 1985 Stalag King Jammy Jammy's
Super Morris Under Me Peter Green 1985 Sleng Teng King Jammy Jammy's
Super Morris Champion Bubbler 1991 Governor Courtney Cole Cosmic Force
Super Morris Sheri Ann 1991 Storm (1) / El Paso Courtney Cole Cosmic Force
Apache Scratchie & Super Morris Test Me Nuh 1993 Soap / I Can See Clearly Now Courtney Cole Roof
Super Morris Danger Zone 1993 Cough & Spit Out Delroy Collins Rythem Track
Super Morris Hell And Powder House 1993 ~Unknown (102) Barry O'Hare X-Rated
Super Morris Model And Pose 1995 Bangarang Barry O'Hare Juggling
Super Morris The Spell 1995 How Them Flex Bobby Digital Digital-B
Super Morris You Turn Me On Heavenless Barry O'Hare X-Rated