Artists Title Year Bosstune Riddim Producers Label
Pan Head Gunman Tune 1990 Soap John John & King Jammy Father & Son
Pan Head Champion Sound 1991 Soap
Pan Head Black Face, White Heart 1992 General (1) King Jammy
Pan Head Black Man Face / White Man Heart 1992 Muslim Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Pan Head Gal Yuh Proud 1992 Bam Bam
Pan Head Punny Printer 1992 Bam Bam King Jammy Jammy's
Pan Head African Princess 1993 Full Up / Bun It Dung Patrick Roberts Shocking Vibes
Pan Head Love The People Want 1993 Rougher Yet King Jammy
Pan Head Poor People Government 1993 Answer Johnny Wonder
Pan Head Proud 1993 Sleng Teng King Jammy Kingston 11
Pan Head We Promote 1993 Pick Up The Pieces King Jammy
Pan Head & Mikey Melody Dream Si Me Mother 1993 Nanny Goat Jah Screw
Pan Head Put Up Di Lighter 1994 Ba Ba Boom Courtney Cole Roof
Pan Head Gun Inna Hand (Remix) 1999 Jerry Michael Steer & Mark Rankin M&M Top Secret
Pan Head Red Eye Shank I Sheck King Jammy
Pan Head To Live Poor is A Crime Real Rock King Jammy Jammy's
Pan Head Rude Boy Face Operation Radication King Jammy
Pan Head You A Lead Friends For Life
Pan Head & Sugar Black A Wi Run The Gun Them Revolution (1) Mafia & Fluxy