Tunes performed by E.T. Webster

Artists Title Year Bosstune Riddim Producers Label
Paul Blake & E.T. Webster Every Posse Get Flat 1985 Every Posse Get Flat The Bloodfire Posse
Paul Blake & E.T. Webster Flat Out 1985 Every Posse Get Flat
E.T. Webster Hypocrite 1990 Real Rock Roy Mullings Brown Sugar
E.T. Webster Special Lady 1990 Golden Touch Michael Bennett Two Friends
E.T. Webster Temptation 1991 A Love I Can Feel Donovan Germain & Dave Kelly Penthouse
E.T. Webster Crime And Violence 1995 Undying Love Bobby Digital & Barry O'Hare Digital-B
E.T. Webster Battering Down Survival 1996 Heathen (1) Bobby Digital Digital-B
E.T. Webster Nyabingi 1996 Nyabingi Barry O'Hare X-Rated
E.T. Webster Give Thanks 1997 Drum Song