Tunes performed by Doniki

Artists Title Year Riddim Producers Label
Anthony B & Doniki Break Free 2002 Real Rock Norman Bryan Kickin
Doniki Champion Sound 2002 Rockfort Rock Anthony Lilly & Conrad Green Harmodio
Doniki Life Of The People 2008 Gully Bank Gully Bank
Doniki Ready And Come 1999 Give Me The Right Kariang
Doniki Woman Come A Dance 2007 Bay Rock Bay Rock
Doniki Your Love 2003 Addiction (2) Roland McDermot & Philip James Rollin'
Doniki & Anthony B So Cold 2004 Good Times (3) Naciamaj
Doniki & Steady Ranks Children Of Israel 1996 Baltimore
Doniki & Steady Ranks Heart Beat Blood 1992 Promised Land Maurice Johnson Black Scorpio
Doniki & Steady Ranks Mother Of Harlot 1999 Heavy Load
Doniki & Steady Ranks Never Leave Jah Alone 1998 Ballistic Affair Richard Bell Star Trail
Doniki & Steady Ranks Soundboy Moan And Yawn Tempo Richard Bell Star Trail