Tunes performed by Flawless

Artists Title Year Bosstune Riddim Producers Label
Flawless Musical Vibes 2003 Coolie Dance Scatta & Everton Burrell Kings Of Kings
Flawless Social Science 2003 3000 Remix Patrick Roberts Shocking Vibes
Flawless Too Much War 2003 Katash Clifford Smith Twingy Twanga
Flawless Jamaican Girl 2005 3.16 Patrick Roberts Shocking Vibes
Flawless & Aidonia Sell Off 2006 Sell Off Mighty Mike Supertronics
Flawless I'm Ready 2009 Honeycomb Austin Green PayDay
Flawless Good Love 2010 Billboard Austin Green PayDay
Flawless It's Serious This Time 2010 State Of Urgency Austin Green PayDay
Flawless Through All 2010 Style Dem Austin Green PayDay