Artists Title Year isOriginalTune Riddim Producers Label
Jim Screechie & Psycho Bum Bah 1999 All Purpose (2) Danny Browne Main Street
Red Rat & Psycho Explanation 1999 Rat Patrol Red Rat Brat
Cudjoe & Psycho Don't Take Drugs 2000 Never Bow Down Low Dia Fearon Builders
Maddish & Psycho Bum-Bah 2000 Boasy Gal Steven Ventura Kings Of Kings
Psycho Go Up And Come Down 2000 Mungrel Dog Goofy All Access
Psycho Up And Down 2000 Jungle Fever Tony Lynx Lynx
Psycho & Maddish Beg Out 2000 Navy Blue John Dunkley True Blue
Psycho & Maddish Sum-m Ina Sum-m 2000 Razor Blade Goofy Young Blood
Psycho & Maddish You Shoulda Witness 2000 007 (1) Red Rat Brat
Maddish & Psycho Wi A Look Gal 2001 Assassinat Psycho & Crucial L Mek It Happen
Psycho Case Of The Beggar 2001 Showdown Bay-C Bomrush
Psycho Never 2001 Narcotic Jazzwad Jazzwad
Psycho Woey Body 2001 Di Nipples Italee Watson Nipples
Psycho & Facety Boom Bah! 2001 Itch Frenchie Maximum Sound
Psycho Call Me Now 2002 Glue Richard Browne B-Rich
Psycho Psycho Mi Name 2002 Outlaw Robert Dubwise Dubz House
Psycho & Maddish More Gal Fi We 2002 Belly Skin Sobers Wright G String
Red Rat & Psycho The Letter 2002 Hot Water (3) Jammy James Jam 2
Psycho Toast 2003 Red Indian Red Rat Rat-A-Kastle
Psycho & Maddish Gal Dem D.J. 2003 Judgement (3) Red Rat Brat
Bounty Killer & Psycho Say A Thing 2004 2004 Richard Browne B-Rich
Martina & Psycho On The Beach 2004 Bomb A Drop Mario Campbell 3.5.7
Psycho Nuh Say Nuttn 2004 Karachi Robert Dubwise Dubz House
Psycho All Night Baby 2005 Concubine (2) Dubwize & $hams Rich House
Psycho Me Man You Woman 2005 Fowl Fight Frenchie & Richard Browne Maximum Sound
Psycho Welcome To Jamaica 2005 Raid Red Rat Rat-A-Kastle
  • Name
  • Real name
    Duhane Christie
  • Also known as
    Psycho Kid
  • Nicknames
    Psycho Tan Bad
  • Born