Tunes performed by Chukki Starr

Artists Title Year Bosstune Riddim Producers Label
Chukki Starr Ambitious Woman 1993 Bellevue Mafia & Fluxy M & F
Chukki Starr Da Flex 2000 Electric Chair Ajang
Chukki Starr Down In The Ghetto 2000 Earthquake
Chukki Starr Run Dem Out 2000 Bling Bling Party Jermaine Forde Ajang
Chukki Starr Time Hard 2000 Bobo Spice Sheldon Stewart Cali Bud
Chukki Starr Love Di Style 2002 Kokane Rigo & Tito Topaz
Chukki Starr Defend Them 2003 Voom Voom Cribe & Rigo Topaz
Chukki Starr Love People Must Stay 2003 Love Jah And Live Sheldon Stewart Cali Bud
Chukki Starr What Di Yoots Dem Want 2003 Clean Vibes JP Greve & Pierre Bost Special Delivery
Chukki Starr Clear And Pure 2004 Rose Moet Pure People Pure Music
Chukki Starr Nuff A Dem 2004 One For The Road Bobby Digital Digital-B
Chukki Starr Prepare 2004 Question Roger Grant & Peter Grant Organic
Chukki Starr Worry Fi Them 2004 Blue Steel Suku & Frenchie Maximum Sound
Chukki Starr Hard Fi Smile 2005 World A Music / World Jam Captain Sinbad & Frenchie Bad 2000
Chukki Starr Can't Stop it 2006 Chakra Jatrix Kongo Bongo
Chukki Starr For The Girl Dem 2006 Ghetto Whiskey Delly Ranks & Stephen McGregor Pure Music
Chukki Starr Style Up 2006 Redbull & Guinness Delroy Foster Pure Music
Chukki Starr Greatest Of Dem All 2007 Visions Special Delivery Special Delivery
Chukki Starr So Unfair 2007 Serengeti Delroy Foster Pure Music
Chukki Starr Can't Go To Waste 2018 Lecturer Stingray
Chukki Starr Evilous System Far East Gussie P
Don Campbell & Chukki Starr Reggae Music So Sweet Cuss Cuss
Chukki Starr Gunman Gunman Bobby Digital Digital-B