Tunes performed by Pancho

Artists Title Year Bosstune Riddim Producers Label
Pancho Good Loving 1993 Answer Colin Fat Colin Fat
Pancho If You Know You A De Wife 1993 Hot Water (1) The Red Rose Crew How Yu Fi Sey
Pancho Wine Up Yu Body 1994 Answer Patrick Roberts Shocking Vibes
Pancho Mexican 1995 Quarter To Twelve Anthony Red Rose & Anthony Malvo How Yu Fi Sey
Pancho Before You Make Love 1996 Babylon Kingdom Anthony Cameron & Anthony Malvo Underground
Pancho Nuh Barrow Man 1996 Virgin (1) Maurice Johnson Black Scorpio
Daddy Screw & Pancho Sexual Anthem 1998 Ram One Oniel Ramdeen Ram One
Pancho Gungo 1998 Gungo R. Keating Eruption
Pancho Spinach 1998 Wickedest Ride R. Keating Eruption
Serial Kid & Pancho Own Man 1998 Gungo R. Keating Eruption
Pancho Fantasy 1999 Silencer Brickwall
Pancho Haffe Get Da Gal Deh 1999 Get Mad Now Bobby Digital Digital-B
Pancho F.U.C.K. 2000 Clomp Witty Henry Witty