Tunes performed by Abijah

Artists Title Year Bosstune Riddim Producers Label
Abijah Healing Time 2001 Dot Com Vasco Carney V1
Abijah Live 2001 Fresh Air Chad Simpson Young Blood
Abijah Healing Time 2002 Anti-Badness Vasco Carney V1
Abijah Press On 2002 Invincible Jerome James & Shawn McClymont Rising Sun
Abijah Have You Heard 2003 Stranger Richard Ellis Kic' For Kic'
Abijah Lovin Girl 2003 Rampage Phillip Linton Arrows
Abijah Nah Give Up Today 2003 Stress (4) Sheldon Stewart Cali Bud
Abijah Take A Stand 2003 High Praise Energy
Abijah Better Days 2004 Soul Food Chad Simpson Young Blood
Abijah For My Baby 2004 Teardrops Cash Flow
Abijah In My Heart 2004 Bad Mind (1) Ivan Maxwell Positive Star
Abijah No Gimme No Chat 2004 Dub Blues H. Hashimoto FarmLand
Abijah Rootsman Take Over 2004 Night Nurse / Doctor's Darling Seeed & Pionear Germaican
Abijah Keep Outta Babylon 2005 As A Friend Phillip Burrell Xterminator
Abijah Rise 2006 Woman Is Like A Shadow / Shadow H. Hashimoto & Michael Mothersil FarmLand
Abijah Swept Away 2006 New Day (1) Digital Ancient & Fuego Campo Lustre Kings
Abijah No Looking Back 2007 Beautiful Bahjah Ajab Music Signal
Abijah State Of Emergency 2008 Silent Sky Blaqk Sheep Crew Loud Disturbance
Abijah Children Of Tomorrow 2009 The Healing Jermaine Johnson Yellow Leo