Tunes performed by Moses I

Artists Title Year Bosstune Riddim Producers Label
Capleton & Moses I Crazy Looks 1999 Latino Steven Ventura Kings Of Kings
Moses I Natural Beauty 1999 Liberation (1) Morgan Heritage & Denroy Morgan HMG
Capleton, Lucan I & Moses I Ganja 2000 Hot Calaloo Anthony Lilly & Conrad Green Harmodio
Capleton & Moses I People Of The World 2000 Blazing Norman Bryan Kickin
Jah Mason & Moses I Don't Stray 2000 Hotta Fi Get Rohan Dwyer & Shane Brown Ba'k Beat
Moses I Herb Fi Mi Brain 2000 Censor Ghetto Youths
MC Nail, Cavier & Moses I How Many Times 2001 Live As One Scarkmooch Junk Yard
Moses I Babylon Yard 2001 Gideon Red Christopher Miller Compaq
Moses I Rasta See Them 2001 Fire Light Style Scott Lion And Roots
Moses I Ready For This World 2001 Ready For This World Style Scott Lion And Roots
Moses I Sunshine 2001 Dot Com Vasco Carney V1
Moses I High Grade 2002 Poun A Herb Damian Forbes Jah Dawg
Moses I Whoouuee 2004 Good Times (3) Naciamaj
Moses I Kick Down Sufferation 2006 Livity Nuh Nice Chip I Prophet Chip I
Capleton & Moses I No More Killing For Fun 2007 Billion London Individuals