Tunes performed by Bitty McLean

Artists Title Year Riddim Producers Label
Bitty McLean Brother Man 2007 Free Soul Duke Peckings Peckings
Bitty McLean I've Got Love 2004 I'll Get Along With You Duke Reid & RPM Inc
Bitty McLean Lately 2007 Taxi / Unmetered Sly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespeare Silent River
Bitty McLean Never Let Me Go 2005 Don't Bother Me Peckings
Bitty McLean One Of A Kind 2009 Old Broom Taxi
Bitty McLean Only You 2004 I Shall Wear A Crown Duke Peckings & Chris Peckings Peckings
Bitty McLean To Fall In Love 2004 Moonlight Lover Duke Reid Peckings
Bitty McLean Walk Away From Love 2004 Rock Steady (1) Duke Reid & RPM Inc Peckings
Bitty McLean Your Heart 2004 Folk song Duke Peckings Peckings