One Way Rhythm Album: Rhythm Two is the second volume of the 's One Way Rhythm Album series albums. It was released in 1990 and contains tunes on the Old Bruck Riddim. The tunes are produced by Whitfield Henry for the Music Master label.

# Artist Tune Riddim
1 Anthony Red Rose & Daddy Lizard Old Bruck Old Bruck
2 King Everald King Of The Road Old Bruck
3 Bunny General Meck Them Have Fun Old Bruck
4 Little Twitch Good Things Old Bruck
5 Papa Biggy Shut Up Old Bruck
6 K.C. Jockey Serious Me Serious Old Bruck
7 Bunny General & Sleepy Wonder Tracy Chap Old Bruck
8 Papa Toyan Buffy Old Bruck
One Way Rhythm Album: Rhythm Two