Greensleeves Rhythm Album #88: Warning is the eighty-eighth volume of the Greensleeves Records's Greensleeves Rhythm Album series albums. It was released in 2008 and contains tunes on the Warning Riddim. The tunes are produced by Shane Brown for the Juke Boxx label.

# Artist Tune Riddim
1 Bounty Killer Dem Nuh Bad Warning
2 Busy Signal Hey Girl Warning
3 Demarco Sort Dem Out Warning
4 Serani Too Much Warning
5 Mavado Money Changer Warning
6 Munga Wanted Warning
7 Busy Signal Loaded Warning
8 Elephant Man Gi Dem Hard Warning
9 Delly Ranks Love Many Men Warning
10 Bling Dawg Show Off Warning
11 Wayne Marshall From Yu Par Warning
12 Voice Mail Nah Change Warning
13 Bling Dawg Battlefield Warning
14 Shane Brown & Demarco Warning Rhythm Warning
15 V.A. Warning Megamix Warning
Greensleeves Rhythm Album #88: Warning