How to search at Riddim-ID

How to search at Riddim-ID

Recently i started getting some questions regarding the search features at Riddim-ID. That’s why i decided to write an article outlining all the different possibilities.

Quick Search (not available on mobile)

The easiest method to search for a riddim, artist, producer or label is using the Quick Search. This form is found in the top right section of all pages on the Main Site. To use it, simply start typing in the search field and the matches will pop up, divided into categories. The more you type, the more specific the matches will be. Clicking a match will send the straight to the corresponding riddim, artist, producer or label.

To turn the Quick Search into an Advanced Search (more about this further on), submit the search by hitting the Enter key on your keyboard or clicking the magnifying glass next to the search field. This will take you to the Search Page.

Browse / Filter

The Quick Search only shows matches by name. To search using a broader range of properties, go to Browse Riddims, Browse Artists, Browse Producers or Browse Labels. In the top right corner of the table with results, there is a “Filter results..” field. Typing in this field filters the results. All the properties that are shown in the table are filterable. To use a combination of properties, seperate multiple terms by spaces.

Advanced Search

The previously mentioned search methods don’t support the searching for tunes. The Advanced Search does. The Quick Search field can be used to submit a search term. The results can be narrowed down by using the “Filter results..” field. Besides tunes there are also results for riddims, artists, producers and labels. Those can be found in seperate tabs.

Users of Chrome can also search directly from their browser. To do this, type “” in the address bar, hit the Tab key, and then insert a search term and hit the Enter key.

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